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How do I Book You for My Wedding ?

Your wedding is not booked until I receive a non- refundable “Hold the Date” deposit. I often receive multiple inquiries for a single date so to ensure fairness to you, to other couples I only confirm on deposit. Once it’s done, your date is then fully reserved, and I will not accept any other clients for that date. The remaining balance will be due on or before the shooting date.

What is your photographic style ?

If you are looking for a photographer who can capture the very essence of your wedding, you have come to the right place As a story-telling wedding photographer who has very strong belief in “photojournalism”, my mission is to document the authentic story of your once-in-a-life-time event and your personalities by capturing the precious moments unobtrusively and artistically. However, I also love to look for special on-location elements to create beautiful portraits that portrays the couples loving relationship . Simple posing guidance will be given to you to ensure you look naturallly gorgeous in the photographs.

Do You Shoot Color, Black & White or Both ?

All photographs taken by Me are digital and can be converted to Sepia, Black and White or with a tint of Blue

(which is cool).

Do you shoot your weddings from a list ?

Each wedding is unique, a thousand unanticipated things happen on a wedding day. I am open to request, and certainly appreciate a short organized detailed list of who should be included in formal shots. However, I shoot in a documentary style so please understand that staging events may not turn out the way you think. Just relax, be natural please appoint someone who is familiar with both sides of the family well to help it will flow much faster and allow more time for special photos of the Bride and Groom.

How many photos do you shoot for a wedding?

As many as it takes to tell the story, then edited to a final list of pictures that reflects your special day.

How Many Hours do I need to Book You For ?

It depends on is the size of your wedding, the length of your event – Bride Dressing, Ceremony, Formals, Reception, maybe you and your fiancé will be seeing each other before the ceremony, family and group photos before and so on. all that good stuff I can talk to you about the timeline of the day and the flow.

Do you work with a second photographer ?

I have an assistant that works with ma at all times, when you hire me you are getting me, my skill and experience I also work with a network of photographers to ensure that in the event of an emergency, your event is covered.

What Time Does the Sun Set in Jamaica ?

Please check: they are pretty good.