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Some hotels in Jamaica are charging very high fees to have your preferred photographer capture your destination wedding. These cost are referred to as “vendors fees” and range widely, in some instances may be over US$1000. (depending on the hotel you choose) I want to ensure that my potential clients understand the cost associated with destination weddings kindly contact us before booking your venue for our recommendations !.

While we understand the need for these resorts to make a profit wherever possible, it becomes a bit unethical to limit the choices that couples have in documenting their planned event.

There are hotels we enjoy very good relationships with, and are “photographer friendly” – these we recommend in a heartbeat. They also charge fees to have us come on property, however we believe they are more reasonable and is more interested in the overall satisfaction of their couples and guests.

Another option is to take your wedding offsite to a private venue. Yes, this will require some added planning, but with the help of some luxury planners we have worked with, it becomes a more intimate setting for your event. We have amazing locations here in Jamaica that will simply exceed your expectations.

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